Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

A device that is used for heating rooms and runs with electricity is known as an Electric Heater. It uses electric current for heating with the help of resistors that are responsible for emitting the radiant energy. There can be different types of resistors used in a heater for example it can be made of a metal-alloy wire or can be made of non-metallic carbon compounds or with printed circuits. It is extremely easy to use an electric heater and usually it comes with its instructions. You can do the wiring yourself either or ask for an electrician to do so. You just need to guide them where to place your electric heater as it is extremely important because placing it in a wrong place can expose you with the dangers and risks involved. The placing and the location depend on the room where you are thinking to place the electric heater. Usually places where there is extreme cold temperatures, people prefer to have electric heaters in each and every room of their houses so that maximum heating air is exchanged and the temperature is maintained to normal when it is below freezing outside.

Working principle of Electric Heaters

The whole phenomenon of Electric heating involves Electric energy which is constantly being converted in to heat energy. Be it any electric appliance such as electric water heater, electric cooking appliance or electric space heating, the process is more or less the same. Considering the Electric heater, it is an Electrical Appliance in which an electrical resistor is fixed in order to supply the heat. The whole process works on the principal of Joule's heating whish says that an electrical resistor works to convert the electrical energy to heat energy as soon as an electric current is passed through it. On the other hand if you have an electric heater which has a heat pump instead will then be using an 'electric motor' so that a refrigeration cycle is created. This process is a little different than the previous one as in this; the heat is drawn from a particular source point from where the outside air is forced in and then warmed up. In some heaters, the process is kind of reversed and the air inside the motor is cooled so that the hot air is pumped out through a specialized tube. The uniqueness of the pumps that give off heat is capable of delivering heat through more than one unit (usually two to three units) of the electricity purchased.

Importance of Electric Heaters

An electric heater is of an extreme importance when it comes to proper heating appliances. Good heaters are one that do not consume a lot of electricity and still give off good amount of heat. It all depends on the quality of the resistors and also the size of the heater. Whenever you go and buy an electric heater, just keep in mind some important factors like the price of the heaters, the size of the heater according to the place you are going to fit it in because ill-fitted heaters will give a bad impression and also if the size doesn't match then most probably the place can be small and the heater can be big so it should be kept in mind beforehand.

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